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How do I apply for shows?

Shows are released starting Jan 2nd and applications are put up on The Michigan Makers Vendor Facebook Page Fridays at 9am. Once they are full, the applications are pulled from the group. They will be on the group page with the flyer, info and link to apply. You will need to scroll on the page to find these.

How do I know if I am approved for a show?

If you are approved for a show, your name will be tagged in a thread in the Facebook page stating to pay your invoice. The invoice is sent to your email that was put on your application. Payments are due immediately. If you do not pay, your invoice will be canceled, and you will forfeit your spot. I do not send notices for non-accepted vendors.

Will there be waitlist? Yes, the waitlist goes up 2 weeks before the show dates on the group. At that time, you can sign up for the waitlist.

Are there setup options for the night before each show? Some shows will have the option for night before setup. It will be announced when the information post is posted for each show. Usually like a month before the show. Along with the approved vendor list for that particular show. Most shows are day of setup.

Do you supply tables & chairs?

No, we do not. We only supply space.

Why wasn't I approved for a show?

Mostly because we are already full on your items. But other things can contribute to it. Such as incorrect picture w/ items you listed, multiple items when we are already full-on certain categories, not enough description of items, only certain number of spaces and lots of applicants and etc. Also, some venues have rules, and we cannot accept food/drinks and similar.

How many people attend your shows?

There is an album in the group with past shows and customer count. However, we just
started that this fall and not all shows were saved. Also some shows are new this year! We will do a headcount at each show from here on out.

Are there event pages for each show?

Yes, there is. You can find those under events on the business page here.

If I cannot make a show that I already paid for, can I get a credit or refund?

No, we do not refund or give credits. We do not hold the money for shows. The money is sent to the venues, insurance, advertising, security if needed, display setup for shows, and of course since this is my full time job, I need to get paid as well. This is non-negotiable. It's also very awkward for me when people ask for it after they know the rules. So please do not ask.

What are your rules & regulations?

These are pinned in the group under featured. This needs to be read & signed before any show you participate in.

What is MLM?

Multi-level Marketing aka Direct Sales (such as tupperware, color street etc)

What is the cost for shows?

The cost for each show depends on many factors. It will be listed on the bottom of the application for each show. We do not like to advertise it much on the group because of scammers. You must look on the applications for this info.

Do you email us information on shows?

No we do not email anyone. All of our information for applications, updates, show information and whatever else we need to tell our vendors, is on the group only. You need to be on the group to be a vendor. Please turn on your notifications. I also use the “everyone” Tag often so everyone can see the information, even if you are not doing that show you will be tagged so everyone can see the info. It is easier on my end to do this instead of tagging vendors individually.

How do we know if a show is full?

You will not see the application anymore on the group and the group banner picture will state which shows are full.

Will you be adding more shows throughout the year?

Sometimes! Our show schedule is released in Jan, however sometimes we do add more later on. They will be posted in the group.

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